About MLZS

Mount Litera Zee School in Bhubaneswar may be a portion of the Zee Learn Limited-run K12 Container India chain of Mount Litera Zee Schools. The Mount Litera Zee School organize has won various grants for exceptional achievements within the instruction field. With MLZS, understudies from huge and little cities can learn together at the same time and speed, bridging the crevice between them. MLZS is show all through all of India. The Mount Litera Zee School in Bhubaneswar has state-of-the-art offices and the newest technology for the children’ in general improvement.Security is of the most extreme concern, and the Mount Litera Zee School in Bhubaneswar employments the child security activity I-Care.The co-curricular programs FLIP and DCP permit understudies to investigate their entrepreneurial gifts and instruct kids how to be cyber-smart and bargain with innovation issues. Both of these administrations track the advancement and mindfulness of the kids and are progressing.
Mount Litera Zee School tries to new learning encounters and modern ability investigations free from the impediments of repetition learning, where comprehension and clarity run the show the day and thoughtless packing may be a thing of the past. Our kids learn in “smart” classrooms where innovation and substance are combined for application and memory. Through a assortment of clubs, understudies can create their socio-emotional capacities, and a riches of personality-building exercises make learning enjoyable. We think that serving children is the foremost self-rewarding action there’s . A strong exertion to enable children as the BUILDERS OF Humankind was made when the Mount Litera Zee School in Bhubaneswar was built up in 2014.The school looks for to cultivate each student’s person potential and give for their in general advancement.

Himansu Bhusan Das Martial Arts Instructor Mount litera Zee School Bhubaneswar. Our Student Akankshya Mishra 12th Class of Mount litera School Got Silver Medal in Wako India Junior National Kick Boxing Federation Championship 2024 at Siliguri West Bengal under the guidelines of Directors of Sports and youth affairs Govt of Odisha, we wish her all the best.

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