Instructions & Protocols

No matter a student’s religion, caste, ideology, or degree of scholarly capacity, Mount Litera Zee School BBSR will concede them as long as they meet all the other prerequisites for confirmation. In the event that there are openings, Mount Litera Zee School BBSR acknowledges students into each course it holds. As it were candidate perception sessions and parent/guardian interviews serve as the premise for affirmation to all Pre-Primary classes. In arrange to illustrate that their child has wrapped up the level of education necessary for the course to which entrance is looked for, guardians or gatekeepers must show the relevant credentials. Candidates for confirmation to the Mount Litera Zee School’s Nursery must be at slightest three a long time ancient on Walk 1 of the year they are applying for confirmation.The age prerequisite for entrance to the following lesson increments in line with this. The least age necessity for enrollment in any course is maintained with the most extreme meticulousness.
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