Attendance Policy


One cannot exaggerate the esteem of diligent and normal participation in school. Scholastically, understudies who are on edge almost their nearness in lesson perform way better. The child’s scholarly advance is hampered by non-appearance. Lessons are proceeded in agreement with the teacher’s arranging, and deficient understanding of subjects secured in lesson is the result.


Small ones are completely subordinate on their guardians. On the off chance that it is found that they as often as possible miss school, as it were the guardians will be held dependable. More seasoned kids might skip school without their parents’ information. In these circumstances, the school will illuminate the parent of any inconsistencies. We appreciate quick medicinal activity being taken to anticipate skipping course from getting to be a propensity.More seasoned students are anticipated to be more responsible for their scholastic execution.


Since we put your child’s security to begin with, it is basic that the course educators be educated of any unlucky deficiencies. There are times when youths can take off their homes unnoticed, travel some place else, and spend lesson time with outsiders. Since they can be misdirected and uncovered to damaging addictions, typically cause for concern. It’ll illustrate carefulness in this respect to conversation to the child almost school, academic requirements, extracurricular exercises, and scholastic execution. By routinely visiting parent-teacher conferences and reaching instructors by means of the school’s site, you’ll be able get input on your child.

Types of Absenteeism

Late to school: The school takes the absence of students from school on regular working days, very seriously. We appreciate parental help in ensuring all students reach school regularly and on time. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter school. Parents will be notified and the student will be marked as absent from school.

Permission for absence: A written application for absenting themselves from school has to be sought in case students have an important family occasion. Preferably, family functions should be limited to weekends or school holidays. The holiday list is given to the students at the beginning of the session.

Excused Absence: In case of an illness, death or other unexpected circumstances, an application for absence should accompany the student on the day they re-join school. A medical leave certificate from the doctor needs to be presented to substantiate a medical leave.

Excessive Absence: A fair number of students are found to be regularly absent before or during exams, during school excursions, School Sports day, picnics etc. The school does not condone any absence in such cases. Students who are regular with their work are able to cope up with the demands of their courses. As far as activities are concerned, these are a regular part of the school curriculum and all students are expected to take part in them.

Home Schooling: Many self-driven students prefer to go for special classes during school hours. Parents are requested to ensure that such classes do not clash with school. Students found playing truant, either for pleasure or for attending other courses are liable to be suspended or expelled from school.

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