Guideline For Parent's

  • Please be aware that CCTV cameras are monitoring the school’s grounds and the area around it.
  • To avoid any inconveniences, submit all the necessary paperwork—documents, certificates, photos, etc.—on time.
  • Kindly insure prompt and timely payment of school fee/dues.
  • Please be proactive and vigilant to check every message you receive on your phone from the school in order to stay up to date on all school-related things. The school has an active SMS service.
  • Any change in the correspondence address/ phone number/email id etc. should be promptly communicated to the school office for updating the school records.
  • It is must for all the parents to attend PTM after every examination/ assessment to acquaint themselves with the latest progress of their wards in academics and co- scholastic activities.
  • Please check your ward’s almanac daily and sign the remarks if any to take necessary action.
  • Please ensure that your ward carries books/exercise books according to the timetable for the day.
  • Kindly check the school bag, haircut, nails, uniform and punctuality of your ward in the morning before sending him/her in the school.
  • Please be present at the school bus stop in the morning as well as in the afternoon when the school bus picks up and drops your ward at your respective bus stop.
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